In order to bring the vision and mission into realize, Arutmin in conducting its community development programs will implement the outlined CSR strategies:

1.  building a partnership based on mutual relations among the company, community, government and business partners.

2.  living in harmony and respect with the local community, where the company operates

3.  building local independency in order to manage and develop its own resources

4.  local community and resources based

5.  implementing the principles of community development

6.  preparing post-mining condition for local community

As a highly responsible company, Arutmin put high priority on the community development activities to provide both financial and technical supports which will help local community improve quality living.

For Arutmin, this program is indeed part of its efforts to achieve the success. Together with the stakeholders, Arutmin integrate this program into several fields:

1.  improving community's health

2.  improving access to quality education

3.  Economic Improvement

4.  social culture