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A. Senakin Mining Site
B. Satui Mining Site
C. Batulicin Mining Site
D. Asamasam Mining Site
E. Kintap Mining Site
F. North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal (NPLCT)

Arutmin is one of the Government of Indonesia’s contractors engaged in coal mining. Arutmin’s mining operation area consists of five active sites and one coal terminal that is spread across three districts in South Kalimantan; Tanah Laut, Tanah Bumbu, and Kotabaru.


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  • 01 China 2,608,898

    02 Japan1,870,376

    03 Philippines1,321,046

    04 India 183,000

Arutmin applies the best Quality Management procedures in the world for the coal production process. Starting from the beginning of mining to shipping, through the process of sampling, and testing at each stage of the coal process. Metal and magnetic detectors are installed in all crushing and washing facilities and loading & unloading ports for barges and NPCLT coal terminals.