Health and Safety at Work is a vital point in the operations of PT Arutmin Indonesia. The main purpose for applying the Health and Safety at Work procedures is to avoid accidents that may possibly cause injuries or damages on the company's potential assets.

In order to protect and prevent such accidents and damages during the mining and port operations, the management of Arutmin is committed to constantly improve the implemented Management System of Health and Safety at Work (SMK3). The SMK3 of Arutmin is an obligatory conduct for all employees and contractors involved in th operations of Arutmin. SMK3 of Arutmin is designed and developed in line with the company's needs in order to meet the minimum requirements and key elements in OHSAS 18001:2007, the Decree of Minister of Labor No. 05/MEN/1996 concerning SMK3 implementation and ISO 14001:2004. SMK3 of Arutmin will be evaluated and improved periodically to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in response to the dynamics in the company and mining industry, particularly coal mining.

The SMK3 of Arutmin requires:

1.  All risks related to health and safety at work in the operational sites to be identified and contained

2.  Standard of health and safety at work to refer to the rules enacted by the government

3.  All equipment to be checked and undergone a periodical maintenance

4.  Introduction or information on the instructions of health and safety procedures at work to be distributed to all employees, contractors, guests and everyone that enter the business locations of Arutmin.

5.  Cleanliness and tidiness at work place to be well maintained and sustained.

6.  Investigation for an accident or violation to be immediately done to avoid such repetition.

All employees and contractors involved in the operations of Arutmin must be responsible for executing their tasks well in line with the applicable procedures and report each event and condition that may harm himself/herself, other people or even the company immediately. Thus, awareness and care of each employee and contractor towards the implementation of health and safety procedures at each of business locations of Arutmin will be sustained by:

1.  Identifying, evaluating, and managing risks of each operation

2.  Improving communication, consultation and participation of employees in the conduct of K3 at the company's business locations

3.  Monitoring and doing inspection over business locations and equipment

4.  Improving competence of employees through trainings on K3

5.  Reporting each unsecured act and condition to be soon improved

6.  Conducting audit on implementation of health and safety at work on periodical basis

7.  Reviewing all results and implementation of K3 for further enhancement