At PT Arutmin Indonesia, we are looking for people who want to grow with us, work well with International Standard System, and take chances to be the best in the industry. We value diversity and provide competitive remuneration and career development opportunities for our people.

If you want a challenging career and grow with us together, you are invited to join our organization through employment opportunities available :


We welcome fresh graduates from various studies such as engineering, finance, psychology, law, etc. If accepted graduates will be provided with comprehensive practical work competencies, and valuable knowledge in order to become potential professionals in the future.


Experienced professional are welcome to join our company. We provide not only competitive remuneration but also a challenging and extensive exposure to the mining industries to enhance your skill portfolio.

Apprentice Program

PT Arutmin Indonesia gives opportunity to students & colleges to have internship program not only in technical aspects i.e Mine Engineering, Geology, Geodetic Engineering, but also in support i.e Safety, Health, Environment, Community, Admin, etc.

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