All mining operations of PT Arutmin Indonesia are under good and proper management to mitigate the impacts on the environment. All activities are conducted by implementing the environmental management and supervision with reference to Analysis on Environmental Impacts and Environmental Management System (AMDAL) which accomodates the applicable regulations.

The Environmental Management System of Arutmin is best designed and developed in order to facilitate the company to fulfill the minimum requirements of ISO 14001:2004. The system will be evaluated and improved on periodical basis to ensure its relevance and effectiveness to the development phase of the company, policy requirement and the closing plan of the mining site. The implementation of this Environmental Management System will ensure the good conservation of natural resource, reclamation process and comprehensive and responsible recovery.

Since the initial mining operation, including the land preparation, the relocation of surface land, the excavation of cover rocks, the coal mining, the recapturing the cover rocks, the reposition of the landscape, redistribution of surface land, pulsing, planting the cover plants, the quick-growing plants and big plants, waste management and residential and office areas, and port operation, all are conducted in comprehensive manner with reference to the existing management system. The environmental monitoring and management on water quality, air, dust as well as soundness, dangerous waste management and reclamation process are all done on periodiocal basis.